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Elegant Smoking – Becky and Charley Topless

Last updated: July 25th, 2017
What better way to start to day than with some elegant smoking babes who just love to flash their hot bodies? These nasty chicks simply  love to show off their hot bodies, with their sexy boobs and their hard pointy nipples. These sexy wdgirls are all covered with thick cigarette smoke and they adore to feel it rapping itself around their top bodies, tickling their tight pussies and making them feel good. Have a look at elegantsmoking and admire these nasty hot babes. Well when they get some wine involved as well it’s not really surprising that they got to feel kinky and sexy.

So as you can see, they start off with a nice smoke while they enjoy their wine, and the babes were already all naked and ready to get started. Soon after they were done with their drinks and their cigarettes, the real show is about to happen. And you get to see the cuties going for each other’s hot bodies. Take the time to see them caressing, massaging and playing with each other’s big tits, and then see them as they take turns to lick one another’s cunts and finger fuck each other as well. We hope that you enjoyed this little teaser video and we will be waiting for you next week once more to show you some fresh galleries!

Enjoy watching these babes sitting topless and smoking!

Elegant Smoking Video

There is no better way to end a hard working day than with the latest elegant smoking video show, where you get to see nasty babes pleasing one another. They love to feel one another tight bodies at elegantsmoking.com, playing with their tits,feeling their nipples getting all hard and pointy. They are really horny and hungry for one another so they are really eager to make one another moan with sexual pleasure. They reach for their pussies and they start having some real sexual fun with another, just like the chicks from ladysuspender galleries, enjoying one another’s tight wet pussy. Have a look at these babes and enjoy a nice and hot lesbian scene today.

This scene should be right up your alley if you like to see some very cute and sexy babes having sexual fun in front of the cameras. Take the time to see the kinky cuties in action as they begin the video with lighting up one and starting to smoke. And as they kiss, caress and smoke, you get to watch the babes also undress one another to reveal those sexy curves to the cameras. Enjoy seeing them play with each other’s bodies while they smoke, and see them taking the time to finger fuck one another and lick each other’s pussies as well by the end of it. We will be seeing you next week once again with more stuff!

Watch these girls smoking kissing and licking each other!

Sensual Smoker Liberty Parisse

This hot elegant smoking babe just put on a tight black shirt and black high hills, light up a cigarette and had a really nasty shoot. She loved to feel her body rapped in hot thick smoke, to feel her tits under that tight shirt, rub her nipples until they get all hard and pointy, just the way we love it here at elegantsmoking. She starts to have some one on one fun, playing with herself, making herself feel more than good in a very sexual way, and she does not stop until she reaches her sexual climax.Enjoy and if you liked this scene check out jb video galleries and enjoy watching other sexy ladies stripping for you! So let’s see the cutie at work.

Miss Parisse here is a very hot blonde babe that likes to keep it classy, and you can just tell that by the choice of attire. This afternoon for her scene she made her appearance wearing a nice and sexy little outfit composed from only a sexy black dress with a zipper in front and her lingerie, and she fully intended to tease you as much as possible for this afternoon as she got to show off her stuff just for you guys. Enjoy seeing her smoking her long cigarette today and see her displaying her sexy long legs and generous bust as she was still dressed. We will have more for you next week so stay tuned everybody!

hot sensual smoker in sexy dress

 Enjoy watching this hottie in sexy black dress smoking!

Elegant Smoking – Dannii Aston

Hot nasty blonde loosing her cloths for this latest elegant smoking . She rapes her tight body in cloudy cigar smoke and then starts to play with herself, making herself feel more than good in a very sexual way, feeling her pussy get all wet and moisture. Have a look and enjoy and if you liked her check out fartfantasy.org website and enjoy watching other kinky ladies getting naked in front of the camera for you! Dannii is a blonde that packs some serious curves, and she has a cute face and nice and long curly and flowing blonde day. Today she has her own little scene as she gets to play around.


And we can bet that this babe’s image will remain firmly engraved in your minds after you are done with her very lovely and kinky gallery. Take your time to see her in action as she gets to undress from a superb set of clothes, and see her exposing that delicious set of curves for you and the cam. When she gets completely nude, you can see her taking a seat and starting to smoke her cigarette calmly as she knows that your eager eyes are absorbing every inch of her sexy and delicious body today. Enjoy this amazing scene and see you next week once more with fresh content and more lovely and hot babes!

See this hot blonde with hard nipples smoking her cigar!

Stunning Charley Atwell on ElegantSmoking

Busty sexy babe revealing her large juggs in this latest elegantsmoking. Have a look as she is taking off her cloths and showing her tight body, with amazing boobs which she loves to play with, just like the babes from jbvideo website,  toying with her nipples and making them all hard and pointy.  This babe named Charley is truly one of the cutest and loveliest little ladies that we ever got to see in our scenes. The cutie has her very own time in the spot light today as she gets to expose her lovely body while she smokes her cigar and you get to enjoy the company of her amazing and hot nude body.

The lovely brunette sais that she always had a thing for showing off her lovely body to everyone that was willing to see, and rest assured that that involved both guys and gals. This afternoon she takes her time to sit back and relax while she smokes her cigar and lets you admire her very lovely and sexy body in all it’s glory. See this babe’s nude body as she has all the right curves in all the right places, and we know you will get mesmerized by her cute face and big and round natural tits as well. We hope you will like it, and we will come back next week with one more superb gallery for you!


 See this sexy brunette with amazing big boobs smoking!

Elegant Smoking – Beautiful Lola

Check out this hot tanned elegant smoking babe revealing her tight body while enjoying a long cigarette. She loves to feel that long hard stick in her mouth, raping her hole body in smoke, while she had her hands to start enjoying her hot body, playing with her hot boobs, teasing her nipples and then reaching for her wet pussies she started to have some real sexual fun with herself, enjoying every moment. Have a look at elegantsmoking and see her reach her sexual climax and if you liked her come inside pantypops.org website and have fun watching other sexy girls like her revealing their perfectly shaped bodies.


As another fresh week started we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring you the superbly sexy and hot miss Lola with her lovely and hot smoking scene today. She is one superbly sexy and horny mature babe and rest assured that she is quite kinky and adventurous as well. Enjoy seeing this sexy lady as she smokes her cigarette in the chair while she is completely naked and see her massaging her sexy body for you as well as she does it. We are sure that this cutie will entice you nicely with her body and who knows, maybe she’ll be around here some more on the future with another sexy update for you!

 Watch beautiful naked Lola enjoying her long cigarette!

Portia Victoria Smoking

Portia is one hot elegant smoking babe who loves a good cigar especially when she can enjoy it while wearing sexy tiny underwear. She takes real pleasure as she sucks on that hard stick at elegantsmoking.com , feeling the thick smoke filling up her dirty mouth. She starts to have some fun with herself, feeling her body, toying with her nipples, making them all hard and pointy, and then, going south towards her dark wet place and starting to rub it and have some serious sexual fun with herself. Have a look as she is reaching her screamed out orgasm. If you liked this cutie and you want to see other gorgeous babes in soft-core photoshoots come inside http://bikinidare.org/ blog. Have fun!

This sexy and hot latex clad babe is named Portia like we said, and she’s here to show off her scene. You get to see this classy and sexy little lady as she shows off her love for shiny and latex outfits that get to fit tightly on her body. Enjoy seeing her smoking her cigarette as she parades her simply superb and luscious curves for you today, and see her caressing her tits and pussy with her outfit still on. We know that you will just adore it and we will be coming back next week once more with some fresh scenes. Until then you get to see sexy miss Portia as she gets to play with herself in front of the camera while she smokes today!


See this sexy babe in pink latex lingerie smoking her cigar!

ElegantSmoking – Kat G Stripping

Have a look at Kat as she is revealing her hot curves in this latest elegantsmoking. She loves to show of her tight body with her sexy large boobs, pointy nipples and as she spreads out her legs she starts to play with her pussy, making it all wet and moisture. Check out howtojackoff.org and see another cuties just like Kat masturbating for you! Kat is one superb little babe and she’s quite kinky for the cute babe that she seems to appear being. Today she has her nice and hot solo session in front of the cameras and you guys and you get to enjoy seeing her as she plays with herself and takes off her clothes.


The sizzling hot and gorgeous Kat is a lovely little lady like we said, and she just adores teasing guys. Today’s update has her playing with her body as she strips naked from her outfit, and she also gets to smoke while she exposes her sweet body to you guys today. Take your time to see this sexy and adorable babe in action, and see her as she shows off her perky and playful tits along with the rest of her super sexy and petite naked body this afternoon. We know that you will love her scene and we will be seeing you guys next week with another sexy scene and another hot babe just like always!

  See this gorgeous babe stripping naked while smoking!

Elegant Smoking – Ella Mai

Ella has always loved to be a little different and in this latest elegant smoking she gets to be all that as she is dropping all cloths and reveals her tight curves as she is enjoying her long strong stick..a lovely cherry cigarette. As her body gets rapped in smoke she starts to get a little more horny and hungry, so she starts to touch her hot body, feeling her tight boobs, playing with her nipples at elegantsmoking.com, and then reaching for her wet pussy and starts to play with it, rubbing and making herself feel more than good. Come inside masturbation encouragement videos and see more gorgeous babes who are ready to make you cum quickly.

Ella is a very gorgeous and sexy brunette babe and she always enjoys having kinky fun. But as all babes here, she just loves to light one up while she ahs her kinky fun. Today she was going to show off her naked superb body as she was smoking her cigarette and she was putting on her make-up. Enjoy watching this superbly cute and sexy nude babe playing with herself in front of the cameras too this afternoon and have fun with her scene. Rest assured that you rarely get to see babe with body curves like Ella has so make sure that you don’t skip over a single one of her superb images this update!


 Watch this hot brunette with amazing boobs smoking!

Elegant Smoking – Lesley Rose Naked

What better way to show off your latest body drawing than to agree to do the latest elegant smoking fantasy scenes? Lesley love a good shoot, especially when she gets to show off her tight sexy body, revealing her tits with their pointy nipples. When she starts playing with herself, she loves to toy with her clit, feeling her pussy getting wet and moisture,ready for some elegantsmoking fun. Have a look at her as she plays with herself until she reaches her screamed out orgasm today. Well at least one thing is for sure and that is that you will just adore this lovely ebony babe.


The sexy and hot babe Lesley sais that she always likes to have a smoke before getting naughty and dirty in any regard, whether she gets to please herself or is joined by a guy. As you can see she has a nice solo scene this afternoon, and she starts off just like she wants, by having a smoke first. Watch the lovely and cute ebony babe as she then starts to massage her nice and perky tits for the cameras and see her making her way down to her sweet pussy to start pleasing it as well. Enjoy as she masturbates until she orgasms today and have fun with her very hot and sexy scene for this nice afternoon everyone.

  See this sexy ebony with a hot body smoking naked!