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Naked LouLou smoking

Hey there studs! How about taking an orgasmic break to watch and enjoy what else we have around? It was about time you came closer to watch and enjoy as this sexy blondie was going to reveal her hot smoking body and smoking a cigar! Are you willing to see this cutie taking her clothes off right before she was pretty anxious to get started? In this case, you are invited to take a seat and watch as this babe is going to show you everything!

This amazing elegant smoking performer has a perfect body big round boobs and a gorgeous face! She likes to light up a smoke before playing with herself, and while she is enjoying her cigar she starts touching her boobs and then she slides her fingers in her wet pussy. Her name is LouLou and this stunning blonde babe likes to please that pink peach of hers in every single possible way! Today you will have the chance to see her in action, so don’t miss this chance! If you are willing to see also other horny babes eager to get started and soon after that smoking, stay around and we will have you watch this entire scene and much more hot stuff!

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Elegant Smoking – Carla Swales

Carla is a very sexual elegant smoking model, she loves playing with her sexy body while she smokes her cigar. Check her out now because she is going to play with her sexy round boobs, then she takes off her black stockings and pulls down her panties to rub her clit to orgasm!

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Charlotte and Carmen smoking

Charlotte and Carmen are two hot and classy babes who loves to spend time with each other after a hard day of work. They are both successful business women and they like to sit down together and enjoy a glass of red wine and some elegant smoking  in the evenings.

They had decided to spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods because both need to relax. After getting there Charlotte makes the fire while Carmen opens a glass of wine and they sit down on the couch and do what they love doing the most after a hard week at work. They light up a cigarette while enjoying a good wine. It gets extremely hot in the room and the babes take their tops off showing off their sexy lingerie to each other. Back in their college years the two babes used to fool around and kiss each other and remembering the good old time, Carmen leans over and kisses sexy Charlotte. I’m having a feeling that these hotties are going to have a great weekend. If you like watching sexy babes exposing their hot bodies, go to http://cosplaydeviants.org/ and see them posing in sexy costumes revealing their beautiful features. Have fun and visit us again soon!


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Sarah’s Latex Dress

We are back with another hot babe here to show off her curves. Sarah isn’t at her first scene and she did such a good job the last time that we invited her over for another one. For all you guys that don’t know her she’s this smoking hot brunette with amazing curves, perfect tits and a fine ass and of course she loves smoking. She knows how much you guys enjoy seeing her smoke so she did a better job with the pictures this time. She hired a photographer to take her pics while she was enjoying her cigar in her purple latex costume.

I might add that the costume she choose was the perfect pick, because look how tight it is and how it shows all of her goods. If you are into sexy babes in costumes you must check out http://cosplaydeviants.net/ for more hot updates featuring some of the hottest babes. Hope you guys enjoyed Sarah’s scene and we’ll see you next time with more!

Sarah smoking all white 100s in a latex dress

Watch here sexy Sarah enjoying her cigar!

Smoking and relaxing on the couch

Have a look at this incredibly sexy redhead and see how she is going to lay down on the couch, getting chilled and elegant smoking her cigarette. You are going to have a great time seeing how she is going to seduce you, doing nothing in particular but to pose like this, all hot and naughty. Get ready to see her lighting her cigarette, starting to smoke while she is stretching her body on that black leather couch. Her satin colored dress is making her boobs look bigger, not that they aren’t big enough.

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Inked babe smoking

You are about to have a fantastic time watching this slutty babe all naked, with that incredible body of hers exposed totally, just like she was born! You are going to see her lighting up a cigarette that she was craving for the entire day. Since she had such a busy day today, the only thing she had in mind was how to get herself more comfortable, the moment she got into her house. Have a look at her and see how she is going to take her hair and let it free, touching her back.

Enjoy watching the entire action and I can totally assure you that things are going to be really naughty for them! You will have a great time seeing how she is smoking, releasing that smoke out of her mouth, filling the entire room. You are also going to have a surprise, so stay here, until the end, cause you are going to have a fantastic time, believe me! See also the latest http://handdomination.org/ newest video and have a fantastic time watching it and getting turned on!

smoking with elegance

See this hot tattooed babe smoking with elegance!

Crystal’s Morning Obsession

For today’s elegant smoking update we have this sexy redhead Crystal King enjoying her cigar in her sexy lingerie. She woke pretty later this morning and she was already late for a meeting, but she just couldn’t leave with out doing  her manicure. She took advantage and brought her camera as well and started taking pictures of her in her sexy bra while smoking her morning cigar. She just can’t start a day without enjoying her coffee and at least one cigar. So while she was waiting for the coffee she lighted a cigar and smoked it while picking the nail polish she wanted. You shouldn’t miss out this sexy redhead showing off her goods in front of the camera, her big tits and her hot body as well. You better check out the entire picture gallery with this sexy redhead. If you liked this you must visit http://kelseyobsession.org/ for the latest updates with sexy Kelsey posing nude. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more. Enjoy it!

Crystal King smokes all whites

Check out this sexy redhead enjoying her cigar!

Liberty Parisee Is Sexy

Hey there! We are back with another sexy blonde enjoying her cigarette. She was exhausted after her day at work and just wanted to relax after work. She wanted to smoke so badly but she didn’t find her cigarettes around the house so she went to buy some. Well once she got to the store she noticed that she forgot her wallet at her place, but luckily for her her cute neighbor was there and decided to help her out with the money. She took advantage of the situation and asked him for his number so she could pay him back the money. Then she went at her place and enjoyed her cigarette after her good day. If you enjoyed this sexy babe you must check out http://www.lady-sonia.org.uk/ for another sexy MILF. Enjoy it and see you later with more sexy gallery with hot chicks enjoying their cigarettes!

Liberty-Parisse is a sexy, strong smoker

Check out this sexy blonde enjoying her cigarette!

Becky smoking in elegant lingerie

Welcome back to watch a sexy babes elegant smoking on her couch in her sexy elegant lingerie. She has a sexy hot body covered with tattoos and she is waiting for her man to come over and take her out for dinner. She decided to wear a sexy dress because she knows that he gets turned on every time he sees her wearing that dress.

Two things you should know about Becky, she loves having sex and she loves smoking. She thinks that having sex and smoking are the two best things in life. Her man called her up saying that he is going to be late. After waiting for an hour she takes off her dress and sits down on the couch to smoke. It’s very late and he is not coming, so she needs to take care of her needs. Have fun watching her smoking and playing with herself, then go to http://elegantangel.us/ and check out sexy babes dressed in sexy lingerie stripping and teasing with the cam. Enjoy and see you soon!


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Gorgeous Charley Atwell

Charley Atwell is our hottie of the day. You must check out this hot babe enjoying her long cigarette in front of the camera. She is a full time model and has lots of offers, but she mostly does lingerie commercials. But the other day she received an interesting offer from one of her friends. It was the first time she’s been invited to do a cigarette commercial. They were launching this new brand and needed a cute face to go with it and let’s face it you would buy them if you saw her on a flyer.

The curvy brunette is just perfect to sell anything you want. She went there and after getting some shots for check up she started posing for the actual campaign. You must check her out in this amazing scenes, posing and showing off her goods in front of the camera with her cigarette in her hands. We surely liked what we saw and we’re pretty sure that you guys will too. If you want more hot scenes you must take a look at these nasty girls in their sexy panties fooling around in front of the camera. Enjoy it!

Charley Atwell

See this gorgeous babe smoking and posing sexy!